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Company Profile

            Jiangsu DayBright Intelligent Electric Co.,Ltd. is a high-growth high-tech enterprise with independent innovation ability in the field of distribution network automation. Since its foundation, the Company has always hammered at the technical research, product development and production service in terms of the safety, stability, automation and informatization, etc. of distribution network. The Company’s products play a very important role in terms of raising the safety and stability of electric power grids, improving the quality of electric energy, enhancing the automation and informatization level of electric power enterprises.

      DayBright Intelligent mainly operates the products including intelligent medium-voltage switchgear, distribution automation terminals, substation automation system, complete set of low-voltage electric devices, etc..

     After many years of technical accumulation and independent innovation, the Company has owned many national patent technologies and computer software copyrights, participated in the preparation of many electric power industry standards, established a core technology platform based on relay protection technology, measuring and control technology, communication technology and application software technology, and formed the product layout facing the frontier field of electric control and automation. 

      The Company has been affirmed to be “High-Tech Enterprise”, “Enterprise Technology Center”,  and Grade AAA “Corporate Banking Credit”.

      Guided by the thought of technology innovation and technology industrialization, DayBright Intelligent has gathered various unique advantages such as talent, technology, capital, experience, environment, etc., created an operation platform integrating technology innovation, technology industrialization, and market service in the field of electric system, and formed powerful competitiveness and growth advantage by taking the opportunity of the swift and violent development of market and based on brand-new operation concept.